Went there today during lunch time, I've driven by it for like 6 years and have never gone inside. I brought in a photo of a place my daughter and i visited last summer. They were very helpful and did a great job on the shirt and also very friendly. I had a little bit of a time crunch on me for when i needed the shirt by which was for the end of the day and they accommodated that deadline. A big thank you!

Teddy's Tees did a great job embroidering my niece and nephews names on their Christmas stockings!!!
My only complaint would be the hours didn't work well for my working hours. Having weekend hours would have been helpful. Thankfully I had someone that could drop off and pick up the stockings.

The new owners of Teddy's are great! They will try and accommodate your needs to make sure the work comes out as good as you expect it to! I will continue to use Teddy's to print for my business and highly recommend them. Their work is great quality!

I'm a repeat customer as I purchase t-shirts for my business on a semi-regular basis. The people working there are great, they make the selection process easy and I love that I can get the work done right here in town. I used to get my t-shirts from a national company and then one down in Manchester but was never satisfied with either the big national company's repeated attempt to get me to purchase other logo and POP materials and the place in Manchester took forever to fill my order and then it was all wrong. I'll keep going back to Teddy's time and time again!